Receh Untuk Buku 2015

Finally! Setelah harap-harap cemas, bakalan ada Receh Untuk Buku 2015 ga ya? Akhirnya master post meme yang di host kak Maya ini up juga!


Presenting, Receh Untuk Buku 2015!

Aku udah agak hopeless bakalan ada Receh Untuk Buku 2015 karena saat searching buat post 2014, gaada. Tapi ternyata aku ngesearchnya pakai Receh For Books, nama lama Receh Untuk Buku yang udah di-Indonesia-kan sejak 2014. Pantes aja ga ada. Sampai nge-email kak Maya lagi, untungnya beliau bilang bakalan ada dan tahun 2014 emang memenya udah ada, dan bahkan saat liat di mr.linkynya ada namaku (yang berarti aku sempet ikutan, dan putus ditengah jalan).

Anw, peraturannya simpel banget kok:
1. Kumpulkan uang receh dari Januari-Desember
2. Jangan dihitung sampai akhir tahun 2015
3. Setelah semua uang terkumpul, belikan buku yang kamu inginkan/bukunya dihadiahkan ke orang  lain
4. Kalau mau ikut, bikin posting mengenai challenge ini di blog masing-masing (tidak harus blog buku) kemudian masukkan link dari postingan kamu di mr.linky disini
5. Pasang banner Receh Untuk Buku 2015

Nah buat tahun 2015 ini aku pengen coba ikutan sampe abis, walau sempet ragu karena receh-receh juga aku kumpulkan buat aku biasa membeli buku. Mungkin kebanyakan nganggep receh ga penting karena nominalnya yang kecil, tapi receh juga berguna banget buat aku yang biasa nyisihin uang jajan buat ke sekolah buat beli buku. Karena ini juga aku mungkin bakal ngebagi receh yang aku dapetin hari itu; contohnya aku ada sisa receh 1000. Mungkin aku bakal ngebagi dua, dan masukin masing2 ke projek ini dan uang buat beli buku biasa. Nanti aku giat nabung buat projek ini malah gaada uang yang cukup buat beli buku biasa, tapi kalau lebih giat nabung buat beli buku yang biasa, projek ini dapetnya ga seberapa, jadi gimana gitu. Mana harga buku makin lama makin mahal lagi. Haaaah;_;

Semoga bisa lancar dua2nya ya, dan moga2 ga bakal berenti projek ini di tengah jalan. Dahh!!


Book Kaleidoscope – Day 1: Top Five Books Boyfriend


Welcome to Book Kaledoiscope 2014, a meme hosted by Fanda Classiclit for us to rewind 5 bookish aspect by rating it (which I’m bad at). For day 1, the topic is about our Top 5 Book Boyfriends in 2015. I’m trying so hard to rank them objectively (for not making them jealous of each other) so here are they:

5. Carter Kane from the Kane Chronicles series (Rick Riordan)
I love the way he love Zia, the way his heart broke along the series. He’s awkward in front of the girl he love, which make him more adorable (for me). Which broke my heart is when he insist he know exactly where Zia were, insist to safe her, but yet not neglecting his current mission.

4. Theodore Boone from the Theodore Boone series (John Grisham, The Accused)
The author didn’t put much attention in his love life, since it’s a legal thriller series and he’s only- 14? But I admire him, really. With his knowledge of law, he looks so perfect, but the truth is he’s only human. Just a normal teenager. He can also consumed by fear. He can also be indecisive. He can also be teary-eyed. That, makes him admirable.

3. Jason Grace from the Heroes of Olympus series (Rick Riordan, Blood of Olympus)
Oh, how I love this guy, being such a gentlemen and all. I don’t really care much about him being good-looking, but the first thing I noticed from him is him being a gentlemen from the start. He’s not that sassy like Percy, he has his own sense of humor, which I love. Plus the fact that when he summons lightning, I always It’s like everything about him is loveable for me.

2. Leon from 3600 Detik
How can you not swoon over Leon though? Good looking, check. Smart, check. Sweet, check. Kind as hell, check. The only problem is, he’s dead. Both the book and the movie succesfully makes me sad because of him.


Steven William as Leon in the movie (2013)

1. Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games Series (Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay)
I never really give Peeta much attention before I read Mockingjay, thinking his love is ordinary. But I only felt his extra-ordinary love for Katniss in the final book, with all the conflicts going on. HDefinitely one of my book boyfriend(s)


Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark

So, I think thats all for day 1. Some of you may wonder why didn’t I put Jason Grace in the top list (with my undoubtly love for him), but that’s it. See you on Day 2!

What I Plan To Do on 2014 Christmas Break


Christmas Break has officially begun on December 18th until January 5th, but me- and the majority of other students have started our own Christmas Break since December 11th because we have nothing to do again at school. About 5 days go I suddenly came up with an idea to make a list of what I’m going to to do (the productive one) during this holiday, which is a growing lista, and this list is in no particular order; what came to my mind first is the first to list. Hopefully I will fulfill these all and here we go~


1. Re-organizing my locker

It’s been a while since I last do it and I believe this locker where I opened everyday and where I put almost everything from textbooks, piled up to-read and read books,  until miscelaneous stuffs I can’t remember is pretty messy. There’s always something to throw away everytime I tried to re-organize my locker and that’s why I wanna do it soon. I actually intended some place there to my to-be-read books and put my read books in other place, but since I haven’t got the chance to go to that place, my locker is pretty full with it. My mom also has told me to organize this locker of mine (because she has seen the messiness of it) and I hope I will do it not long before Christmas break ends.


2. To get some title of books

First of all, does this title even make sense? I cannot say I don’t have anything to read right now- even until christmas break, but my to-be-read books seems…boring. I’m not that excited to read some of the books because no particular reason. I’m just not excited to read it. I should have give it a shot actually but I don’t think I will read it sooner. In the other side, I have some books that is a series-starter which I didn’t dare to read first because I know I will not get the sequel as soon as I finished read it and a final book of a series which I last read the previous book about a year ago so I’m afraid I will not get the story. I wanted to reduce my tbr pile because of the space, so i can get more books, I even think about selling some of my books. Nonetheless, those books in my top wishlist are:

1. Mockingjay by Suzzane Collins
-Not so long ago I finished re-reading Catching Fire and I like it more than when I read it for the first time. I didn’t like Catching Fire when I first read it so I decided not to buy and even not to read it, but look at me now adding this book into this list. I’m a bit regretting the chances I didn’t take to buy Mockingjay at that time, so I’m looking forward to get my hand on this book asap.

2. The Elite by Kiera Cass
(Or perhaps with The One too)

3. This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith
I have read some chapters of this book online and I’m loving it, but reading online is exhausting and the fact that my friend own this book makes me want to grap a copy very soon. I’m not into e-books except for some sorts of a short story but since I thought there is no copy available here nearby, I decided to give it a try online but then I found this book on and it surely added on my wishlist!

Well, those are the top threes on my wishlist and I’m still thinking what to buy first (because I surely can’t buy all at once). Plus the fact that there’s this “Blind Date with Books” thing on Books & Beyond which tempted me so bad.


3. To write more short stories

Ideas have been swirling around my mind lately and to be honest, despite the laziness that took over me to write it down, I really want to write again. It’s
been a pretty long time since I last write short stories, probably on March, and I kinda missed doing that thing.

4. Buy school essentials

I kept losing my school stationeries like pencils at school and the amount of lost stuffs is uncountable so far since I entered high school. That makes me mad since everytime I bought a new stuff, it will disappear right then. On top of it all, last November, I lost my brand new pencil case with the contents inside, which made me even more mad. I wanted to go back to school with a full stack of stationeries so here are the list of the essentials~

1. Pencil case
2. Pencils
3. Pens
4. Correction pen
5. Correction tape
6. Label
7. Highlighters
8. Eraser

Well basically that’s all


Reading Habits and Reading Nook Tag

I was in the middle of my final exam when I saw Stefanie @ The Bookie-Looker‘s doing this post. Because I didn’t dare to spend too much time on the internet at that time, I only got to see the post post-exam. And then I came by kak Hestia @ Shiori-ko too with this tag, so I decided to do so (since it’s open to everyone who wanted to do so) eventough this is not a book blog. Actually this post has been in my draft for a little while and without further ado, here it is!


1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
-I mostly read on the sofa in my living room, my bed, and weirdly/? on the floor beside my bed where I lay my back on the side of the bed. Basically that place need to be in a not noisy vibe.

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?
-I prefer to use a random piece of paper to mark my book, although sometimes I didn’t use anything for it. I don’t really like to use bookmark because it feels weird and uncomfortable using it. My friends bought me some bookmarks but I never really use them, so it’s hiding somewhere in my cupboard and if I do want to use a bookmark I think I’m too lazy to search for it. The case is different if the bookmark is available already on the book which I will use and which is rare for English books.

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/ a certain amount of pages?
-It is easier to stop after a chapter for not losing track of what you’re reading, but if the need is urgent like when my families call me, I think it is more wise to just stop reading and continue later.

4.Do you eat or drink while reading? Not that I’m afraid to harm my book, where sometimes it’s also occurs to me, it’s just I’m not into it. Too complicated.

5. Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?
-As long as I didn’t get too attached to that music or tv shows, both are okay. Music distracted me the most, so I choose TV. (Though I didn’t have the urge to read and watch TV at the same time.)

6. One book at a time or several at once?
-One book at a time, definitely. I can more relate to the story and get more feels rather than reading several books at once.

7. Reading at home or everywhere?
-Reading everywhere is actually okay but since I rarely bring a bag [to put my book in] and just bringing out my book without a bag is not efficient, I prefer to read at home. Not to mention that sometimes we don’t have a chance to read outside and the book we brought with us is only complicating us.

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?
-Silently in my head, although sometimes I read it out loud to test my pronounciations and get tired after reading some paragraphs. (I can relate to you with this ci Stefanie)

9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages?
-I read ahead. I have tried to read ahead and skip pages occassionaly oncw because the book I’m currently reading at that moment is too long and it has a slow pace, so I skip pages, don’t know what’s happening, and never skip pages again.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?
-I will try my best to keep my un-read opened book’s spine un-‘harmed’ as possible like putting it in the plastic cover until I chose to read it (I’m with you kak Hestia!) but for my other books since I organize it in a horizontal position, the book spine is not really breaking and if it does, I think it is okay.

11. Do you write in your books?
Nope. I used to, a bit, because my mum, dad, and auntie told me to write my name and the date I purchased that book which I did a couple of times and stopped because I’m too lazy to write it and my handwriting looks bad compared to the beauty of the book. Also once I tried to write what’s the meaning of this and that word in a book but didn’t continue because it’s too tiring, everytime you didn’t knew a word, open up dictionary, write the meaning, and repeat.

12. Who do you tag?
Everyone; you guys are free to do so.


Pre-UAS story

12 days since my first post..
Sebenernya pengen banget nulis aktif di blog ini, tapi apa daya ngungkapin apa yang kita rasain ke dalam tulisan itu susahnya bukan least buat aku. Tapi here I am~ h-1 UAS dan ngabisin waktu iseng buat nulis. (karena agak mager buat belajar)

Iya, besok UAS (Ujian Akhir Semester). Ini UAS pertamaku selama jadi murid SMA. Rasanya cepet banget jangka dari UTS ke UAS, bikin cape. Dulu sih di sekolah lama gaada UTS jadi ga terlu cape dan kebebanin.

Nah itu kartu legitimasi/ kartu tanda peserta UAS semester ganjil 2014 aku. Kartu ini isinya data2 aku kayak nama, nomor peserta UAS, kelas, sama ruang nanti aku ngerjain UASnya. Juga ada kolom jadwal sama tanda tangan pengawas tanda aku udh ngikutin UAS mata pelajaran tersebut. Kayaknya jadwal pelajaran UASnya ga terlalu jelas jadi~


Yep. Uasnya kurang lebih 1 minggu atau lebih tepatnya 6 hari. Kalau UTS dia bener2 satu minggu. Walaupun 6 hari, liat aja 1 hari ada yang 3 pelajaran. Dan perpaduan pelajarannya itu.. Astaga. Hari pertama aja udah Matematika, ditambah prakarya yang lumayan banyak. Liat mapel seterusnya. Sigh.

Makanya pengennya mah nyicil2. Kan ada beberapa pelajaran yg udh beberapa kali ulangan jadi istilahnya udh sempet nyicil lah ya. Kalau langsung belajar semua 1 hari pusing iya nyantol kagak. Pokoknya semoga UAS ini nilainya lebih baik daripada UTS. Semoga aku dikasih kesehatan biar bisa ngerjain uas dengan baik ga kayak waktu UTS yg sempet sakit, ga ikut 4 mapel, dan cari waktu buat nyusulnya itu susah banget. (Sekarang aja aku masih ada susulan 1 mapel lagi yg harusnya udh selesai kemarin tapi libur) semoga aku ga males belajar sehingga bisa ngerjain UAS dengan jujur dan baik!! Aminn~