Christmas Break has officially begun on December 18th until January 5th, but me- and the majority of other students have started our own Christmas Break since December 11th because we have nothing to do again at school. About 5 days go I suddenly came up with an idea to make a list of what I’m going to to do (the productive one) during this holiday, which is a growing lista, and this list is in no particular order; what came to my mind first is the first to list. Hopefully I will fulfill these all and here we go~


1. Re-organizing my locker

It’s been a while since I last do it and I believe this locker where I opened everyday and where I put almost everything from textbooks, piled up to-read and read books,  until miscelaneous stuffs I can’t remember is pretty messy. There’s always something to throw away everytime I tried to re-organize my locker and that’s why I wanna do it soon. I actually intended some place there to my to-be-read books and put my read books in other place, but since I haven’t got the chance to go to that place, my locker is pretty full with it. My mom also has told me to organize this locker of mine (because she has seen the messiness of it) and I hope I will do it not long before Christmas break ends.


2. To get some title of books

First of all, does this title even make sense? I cannot say I don’t have anything to read right now- even until christmas break, but my to-be-read books seems…boring. I’m not that excited to read some of the books because no particular reason. I’m just not excited to read it. I should have give it a shot actually but I don’t think I will read it sooner. In the other side, I have some books that is a series-starter which I didn’t dare to read first because I know I will not get the sequel as soon as I finished read it and a final book of a series which I last read the previous book about a year ago so I’m afraid I will not get the story. I wanted to reduce my tbr pile because of the space, so i can get more books, I even think about selling some of my books. Nonetheless, those books in my top wishlist are:

1. Mockingjay by Suzzane Collins
-Not so long ago I finished re-reading Catching Fire and I like it more than when I read it for the first time. I didn’t like Catching Fire when I first read it so I decided not to buy and even not to read it, but look at me now adding this book into this list. I’m a bit regretting the chances I didn’t take to buy Mockingjay at that time, so I’m looking forward to get my hand on this book asap.

2. The Elite by Kiera Cass
(Or perhaps with The One too)

3. This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith
I have read some chapters of this book online and I’m loving it, but reading online is exhausting and the fact that my friend own this book makes me want to grap a copy very soon. I’m not into e-books except for some sorts of a short story but since I thought there is no copy available here nearby, I decided to give it a try online but then I found this book on and it surely added on my wishlist!

Well, those are the top threes on my wishlist and I’m still thinking what to buy first (because I surely can’t buy all at once). Plus the fact that there’s this “Blind Date with Books” thing on Books & Beyond which tempted me so bad.


3. To write more short stories

Ideas have been swirling around my mind lately and to be honest, despite the laziness that took over me to write it down, I really want to write again. It’s
been a pretty long time since I last write short stories, probably on March, and I kinda missed doing that thing.

4. Buy school essentials

I kept losing my school stationeries like pencils at school and the amount of lost stuffs is uncountable so far since I entered high school. That makes me mad since everytime I bought a new stuff, it will disappear right then. On top of it all, last November, I lost my brand new pencil case with the contents inside, which made me even more mad. I wanted to go back to school with a full stack of stationeries so here are the list of the essentials~

1. Pencil case
2. Pencils
3. Pens
4. Correction pen
5. Correction tape
6. Label
7. Highlighters
8. Eraser

Well basically that’s all