Welcome to Book Kaledoiscope 2014, a meme hosted by Fanda Classiclit for us to rewind 5 bookish aspect by rating it (which I’m bad at). For day 1, the topic is about our Top 5 Book Boyfriends in 2015. I’m trying so hard to rank them objectively (for not making them jealous of each other) so here are they:

5. Carter Kane from the Kane Chronicles series (Rick Riordan)
I love the way he love Zia, the way his heart broke along the series. He’s awkward in front of the girl he love, which make him more adorable (for me). Which broke my heart is when he insist he know exactly where Zia were, insist to safe her, but yet not neglecting his current mission.

4. Theodore Boone from the Theodore Boone series (John Grisham, The Accused)
The author didn’t put much attention in his love life, since it’s a legal thriller series and he’s only- 14? But I admire him, really. With his knowledge of law, he looks so perfect, but the truth is he’s only human. Just a normal teenager. He can also consumed by fear. He can also be indecisive. He can also be teary-eyed. That, makes him admirable.

3. Jason Grace from the Heroes of Olympus series (Rick Riordan, Blood of Olympus)
Oh, how I love this guy, being such a gentlemen and all. I don’t really care much about him being good-looking, but the first thing I noticed from him is him being a gentlemen from the start. He’s not that sassy like Percy, he has his own sense of humor, which I love. Plus the fact that when he summons lightning, I always It’s like everything about him is loveable for me.

2. Leon from 3600 Detik
How can you not swoon over Leon though? Good looking, check. Smart, check. Sweet, check. Kind as hell, check. The only problem is, he’s dead. Both the book and the movie succesfully makes me sad because of him.


Steven William as Leon in the movie (2013)

1. Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games Series (Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay)
I never really give Peeta much attention before I read Mockingjay, thinking his love is ordinary. But I only felt his extra-ordinary love for Katniss in the final book, with all the conflicts going on. HDefinitely one of my book boyfriend(s)


Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark

So, I think thats all for day 1. Some of you may wonder why didn’t I put Jason Grace in the top list (with my undoubtly love for him), but that’s it. See you on Day 2!